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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  December 13, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> straight ahead at 6:00 we're on the scene of hotel fire in the district that broke out hours ago. what crews are saying sparked the flames. >> president-elect donald trump is said to make major aannouncement revealing secretary of state. and this calls after rush why's possible involvement in the election. >> december 13. warm and traffic coming unon the fives at 6:05. good tuesday evrm each allison seymour. >> i'm steve steve. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning". >> if you are waking up what's developing overnight. we start in prince george county. police mr. reportedly searching for several people that robbed a home. and those suspects were impersonating police officers when they came through the door. this happened on home franklin avenue in the sea brook area after midnight. fortunately no one was hurt. >> we have developing news out of district. fire crews on the scene at capitol hill son 16 and k
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fire reported around 5 this morning in basement laundry room and it has been put out. guest were evacuated and are allowed to reenter the hotel now. >> this morning fairfax country police chief is recovering from minor injuries after involved in a car crash in centerville. chief edwin was stopped at a traffic light 8:40 when rear ended. ate person who hit the chief's car is charged driving while intoxicated. >> a big announcement expected it morning from president-elect donald trump as he made decision on who he wants to be the next secretary of state. chief executive exxon mobile rex tirlson surprise top choice. >> donald trump tweeted he would hold a press conference in near future to discuss the business, cabinet picks and all other topics of interest in these busy timesment for more on trump's big announcement "fox5" melanie alnwick is live on capitol hill. good morning. good morning steve and allison. tillerson may have on
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toughest confirmation battles on capitol hill. they have concerns of potential conflicts of interest. exon ceo rex tillerson has deep ties to russia developed when running his state run oil companies he's scheduled to retire in 017. vladimir putin once awarded tillerson weapon honor of friendship. president-elect trump says tillerson deep relationship with russia is beneficial to the role of secretary of state. but it's become more complicated now that the cia has determined that russia interfered with the presidential election in order to help trump in interview with fox news surprised chris wallace trump said tillerson is impressive man. >> he's much more than business executive. i mean he's a world class player. and to me, a great advantage is he knows many of the players and knows them well. he does massive deals in russia and massive deals
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company. >> now the cabinet picks are starting to narrow down and there's word that former texas governor rick perry will be nominated for setting of energy. his pick also controversial. perry once called for elimination of department of energy and said science on climate change was pollit sized. and they have to get through a committee hearing process before senate for the vote and senate democrats are taking page from republican play book saying they're in no hurry to get through the confirmation process. live on capitol hill i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> meantime, an eye trump protesters gathered outside trump tower gathering on electoral dloming dump trump. members of the college will cast their votes next monday. mean while top lawmakers and bipartisan investigations are into the works to look into allegations russia hacked presidential election. according to cia rush was was trying to help trulp win and trulp calls claims ridiculous.
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shooting an assault rifle inside comet ping upon pong is back in court. adam well. went to a restaurant after reading a faing torrey online. well. faces multipal charges including assault with a dangerous weapon. >> happening today the man that pleaded guilty to killing long time neighbors will be sentenced. he was charged with breaking into the home of richard and julie an vilardo may of last year stabbing them to death. he faces life in prison without possibility of parole. >> new this morning the search for missing teenager in loudoun county and police say 15-year-old taylor cole left the ashburn area on friday. she has not been seen since. it's hard to tell by the picture but cole has blonde hair and 120 pounds we can see the blonde hair if you have any information where cole may be police want to hear from you. >> metro vetting what caused train to separate while passengers
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and red line and rockville. the train was pulling out of the station when the last two rail cars detached. nobody was hurt. >> straight up 6:05 good morgue tucker. >> good morning. good morning. >> how are you? >> great. >> you? >> super. >> excellent. >> let's get started. we're looking at overnight lows here. 41 city and 0s offer norm and west and cool start to the day. but, not the bitter cold that we're still expecting towards the end of week. and more on that coming up. and you know what it will be a cool day today low to to mid 40s lots of clouds out there clouds early this morning we have combination of area of low pressure off south and upper level low out to west and those would will team up to give us clouds. we may get sprinkle or snow shower for parts of the area later today. anything we get will be extremely light. and it's going to amount to not a big deal. >> okay. >> okay. >> there you go. >>
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keeping it cool. bitter cold by thursday and friday. stay tuned you will want to see the 7 day sdl how cold will it get. >> or will we? >> wimd chipped zero. >> yes. >> lead between the lines i figured that. >> as we start off on tuesday morning couple big issues out there. 295 and 66. let's begin 95 southbound or no this is 66 eastbound excuse me you can see an accident with multiple vehicles involved and it's pushed off to the side as far as it can. but looks to at least be lock blocking shoulder on and off blocking left lane. and that's 66 eastbound sutly road jammed 234 to sutly road and this is 295. we have banners mixedp a little about the. this is 25 absolutely stand still southbound within the district and accident at bening road and you have heavy delays beping road towed route 50 at this point. if you can avoid this area in the district 295 southbound please do that. let's go to maps. show you other areas. luckily
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morning. and have not had too many issues aside from 6 and 295 and beltway normal volume starting to pick up on the topside from 95 georgia avenue and otherwise it looks to be just 95 and 66 where we're seeing big issues. northbound 95 inside beltway etsell road toe 1 street bridge volume building out of frederick and loosens up to montgomery county and actually fine gaithersburg, germantown, really all the way to the spur. here's topside beltway outer loop delay and be side that northern maryland 95 looks okay in both directions baltimore washington parkway looks good in both directions. southern mar marn, branch avenue to wilson bridge light volume at this our and all across southern maryland we're not seeing many delays. 10 maybe northbound as you approach the beltway and wilson bridge. 95 northbound through stafford you're heavy and then it looks like things lossen up to prince
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the topside of beltway there it s looks busy again dale city to lorton on and off delays there and that takes you through the area. we'll keep up updated on bodily injury sides. 295 and 66 as we good through the lest of the morning. >> 6:08 a yankee cappedle recall to tell you about. >> president obama makes final aappearances on daily show. the tone here all serious ♪ think of your fellow man. ♪ ♪ lend him a helping hand. ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪ take a good look around... ♪ ♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart. ♪ (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars
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>> it appears battle for alleppo is over. ending the four year hold. 100,000 civilians are trapped in rebel held neighborhoods. red cross is uming a plea to save lives as assad forts take back the city and they have received reports of government forces killing 82 civilians in eastern part of alleppo. >> and hundreds of passengers will continue their trip to frank furt germany after a bam threat forced their plane to divert to the new york jfk. after taking off from houston someone called in the threat in girl any. all 530 passengers and crew evacuated and nothing suspicious was found. cuba signed deal with google forecaster internet service. service will be ins
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including g mail and youtube getting online in cuba is spotty and the connection is one of the lowest. they have to rely on wifi points to get online. >> and also new this medical a medical headline whether it comes to babies and obesity. study found that chubby babies may be on the decline. looking at children ages two and younger ellen rolled in government nutrition assistance program and the ripping of obesity fell in 2010 to 20 10 four years later. half all infants up to 12 are enrolled in that program. >> president obama made one last appearances on the daily show as commandner chief. he kept things serious asking to comments on trump saying he plans top skip daily intelligence meeting. >> i think president-elect may say one thing and done another once he is here. because the truth. the matter is that it's a big co
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and it distant matter how smart you are, you have to have the best transportation possible to make the best decisions possible. >> president obama also calling for a review of the election cyber attacks and russia possible role in it and he wants those reports complete are perfect he leaves office. >> shares of lockheed martin tumble after a tweet by the president and how that stock is doing this morning. >> li outside as we head to break this tuesday morning. yesterday mild, 41 now reagan national airport. we'll see how we do the rest of the day. tucker jons us next
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>> and sky fox now you see the flashing lights out there. green belt road ken ill worth avenue pedestrian struck. there not sure of condition of pedestrian but there's delays in the area. indicate lip is in this morning with i alook at traffic. we'll check in with her in a minute. first tucker. >> let's get to it we have lots to talk about including cold on the way. let's started first. shower or flurry today. anything we get will be extremely light. i'm not sure it's worthy bringing umbrella or being concerned about it. we will have a lot of clouds and cool temperatures. 40 annapolis and finding freezing norm and west. 32 winchester and fredericksburg 38. so cool start to day. here's cloud cover across the area. you can see that loud and clear. and we have a couple of different features we want to
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upper level disturbance west and light snow shower activity parts of illinois and indiana and little coastal low that will develop. those two get fairly close to the area and neither direct hit. so, both will be on the fringe here. this energy gets norm of us. this stays south. they'll both be close enough to get a shower or flurry chris chris christieing up later today. chilly conditions out there. i mentioned 40s and money the your two systems kind of passing through. and so we got to keep an eye out here this afternoon that we could have a few light showers or snow showers across the area. real story arctic sces i was looking in fair banks alaska. they have not been above zero degrees since november 29 and there's a lot of cold off to north aand west headed in our direction late week. this will arrive late wednesday into early thursday. then daytime highs will be actual air temperatures upper 20s to 30s. whipped chills by friday morning make it close to ze
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and we'll be getting close to record cold temperatures for parts of the area by friday morning. there's your 7 day. you can see colder air temperatures on the way and below freezing thursday, friday, looks like it ends as wintery mix on saturday morning changing to rain by saturday afternoon. but light accumulations are possible before the flip-over on saturday and then warmer day by sunday before next front arrives. all right. busy warm. busy traffic. caitlin is in and has all the news. >> buzzier than yesterday when we had the rain or monday morning commute go figure sky fox remains over scene green belt, maryland you can see as it ajust where we're at we cannot see the crash site per se. sky fox moves on own accord so we try to follow. but it's intersection of green belt road and ken ill worm avenue where we have reports of pedestrian struck two left lanes and two lanes blocked on kenilworth avenue and so it does seem the whole thing cleared. we're getting word of that n
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as you step away it will clear at the intersection there green belt and kenilworth avenue. reports of pedestrian were rubbing and there were emergency screws on the scene that had two lanes blocked and that has since cleared. traffic patterns resumed normally you can access this area. we'll let you know if there's more issuement for now what looks took a major snag now not so bad. >> let's get to next camera here and we have a couple of other he accident sites. all right, 295 southbound what a mess here jammed solid from the accident scene beping road his295 southbound and delays are back to 410. they continue to build. everyone trying to access this road at once. you see how slow it is on ramp, 2, 295 and these cars not moving. delays back to eastern avenue. now then route 50 getting reports all the way back to 410. let's go to maps we'll show you not just southbound accident on 295 if we can
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but we also have a northbound crash north capitol. there's delays in yellow stacking up. almost right near the crash site bening road is not far from capitol street you have heavy southbound delays. 295 a mess in this area of district where you have beping road and so try to avoid that at least as best as you k timely 66 eastbound if we can she reports of crash sutly road that's where heavy delays had are. you have eastbound jammed 234 to route 2. lot going on this morning we'll keep up updated on the accidents as we go through the rest ever the day. steve. >> holiday gift giving can be a challenge. what the majority of us do when we get a present that let's say misses mark. >> really. k. >> plus a yvrping he cappedle recall to tell you about it actually has to do with the glass jars that the candles are in. details next.
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>> time for "business beat" mr. we get to that big news for trump officially nominating ceo rex tillerson selecting him as setting of state and of course that has to go through coming gretion at approval but made it official a few moments ago. >> lockheed martin tumbled after a message from the president elect. welcome back lauren demarco, we lauren lauren simonetti
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missed you. >> markets rolled on even though with you are not here with your presence. >> i know maybe i should be gone more often. exxon stock on that nomination at rex tillerson exxon ceo forever secretary of state and exxon mobile shares up rights now and overall market is on a tear. dow is 204 points away from down 20,000. i have to get that hat ready. i can not believe it it keeps marching forward. futures up 70 now. s&p and nasdaq pulled back yesterday and back again this morning. we'll see more records across the board if all of this sticks. here's wildcard fed meets today and fed gets decision on interest rates. 90% are sxeinging them to hike rates. watch language there will be a nusz knk after that meeting how many rate hikes in store for 2017 if too many that could choke off any economic growth we see. >> exxon stock this morning on the news donald trump made about
6:24 am
about secretary of state moving this has been pattern moving he mengs company then they move one way or the area. lockheed tries to mitigate the damage. do they eventually come back? >> let me check lockheed martin after this statement this tweet statement. this tweet from donald trump essentially saying this is similar to what he did with bowing and carrier. he attacks companies out of nowhere on twitter. tweet was f 5 program military fighter jet program cost of it is out of control. billions of dollars can and will be saved after january 20. well that's whether he's in office. so stocks fell 4% ends of day and down 2.5% and norfolk lockheed martin and general dynamics all stocks fell because of comments coming from president-elect. cost of this program is most expensive for pentagon no doubt. about 400
6:25 am
martin as you noted try to do damage control saying they were working to bring down dproingts original costs by 70%. >> rights. >> nonetheless trump is saying he will hold companies to task hurricane irene here and make sure they're being efficient. people are are or wouldid. this fighter jet program creates thousands of jobs in 45 states. people are worried about what this means not only defense industry but factory. >> definitely jobs on the line. real quick. 30 second. i want to combine topics now. i want to hear about yankee cappedle problem and if you get a damaged product or bad gift what do you do about it. >> yankee candle if you brought sugar cane and honey or pine and sandal with scented candles in a glass container that jar can crack. you can be lass ratesed. bring it back, 31,000 voluntary recalled by yankee candle. if you get this candle or anything else and don't like it groupon says you're not alone they add that the-
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us give a fake reaction when we get a sgivt we don't rick but only like one in ten of us actually say, steve, i don't want this yankee capped this is terrible christmas present good okay i'll give it to tuck instead he'll be pleasant. >> you smiled it's the holidays. >> i did it in 28 seconds. >> good in the lightning round lauren. we'll see you tomorrow. >> 6:26. >> check my candles. >> honey -- >> sugar honey you especially need to be worried about. >> a lot of people have them. >> i'm sure they do. >> they're very fraying rant yeah i probably need them for my house. >> it might come in handy. >> christmas present guys. >> winds calm. we're cool. low 30s west and norm and spots here waking up to frezing temperatures and lots of clouds for all of us. all right one two combo low pressure south and upper level disturb apps west and both of those against a lot of clouds today we mayen countser shower or few snow showers later today
6:27 am
and anything we get will be light. there's 7 day. cold by thursday, friday, more of that coming up. >> all right. let's check in with indicate lip and what's happening on the rotdz this morning. >> good morning, steve, sky fox over the outer loop here topside of the beltway volume the 5 to george aavenue stacked up right there. and back to the maps we'll show you where some accidents sites are around the area not on the beltway per se which is what we're looking at let's go to maps and i'll try to show them to you. there with he go. there is that slow drive from 95 to georgia avenue stacked as we always are this tuesday morning commute. let's proceed and we've got major problem 295 southbound delays back to 210 additionally northbound crash east capital street you have delays back to pennsylvania avenue. we'll have a full report at 6:35 and for now "fox5 news morning" will be back after this
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>> lack back, of:30 trul on the beltway out there that's around george aavenue a slow-going commute right now. caitlin is in for airport for us and she'll number locking at the accident scream actually right there and we'll get the details on what we're looking at when we have our traffic report coming up at 6:35. welcome back to more morning. we will have weather and traffic coming up on the fives next first at 6:30 it's official in
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donald trump officially announced his nomination of rex tillerson chairman and ceo of exxon mobile. trump's nomination has been to approved by congress. he could face uphill patle on capitol hill. lawmakers are concerned about his close business ties with russia and russian president vladimir putin. closer to home now a possible home invasion overnight about interesting twist on suspects. prince george country police are investigating reports that several people who identified themselves as police officers burst into a home on franklin avenue in lantum after midnight. no one was hurt in this incidents and it's up clear what may have been taken. developing out of districts guest are now back inside fire crews on the scene at the capitol hill on downtown 16 and k northwest d.c. and fire reported around 5 in basement laundry room. it's since been put out. >> this morning fairfax country police the chief is
6:32 am
injuries after being involved in a car crash in september areville. and the chief's cruiser was stopped at a traffic light around 8:40 last night when he was rear ended at lee highway and stone road. the person that hit the chief's car is being charged with driving while intoxicated. >> today the loudoun country school board will consider whether to add lgb it an eye discrimination wording to school district anti-discrimination policy members host a public meeting 6:0 tonight and school board says it wants school policies to show respokt to all americans. >> meantime middle and high school students at montgomery county may be in for change when it comes to sex ed. there is a proposal to teach students about saying yes, it wl it comes to sex affirmative consent and may be taught as early as 7th grade they believe this could prevent rain and montgomery county board of education opposes this proposal.
6:33 am
goat into this as it draw nearer. >> let's get to the morning vine and quick look at sports. wizards in florida taking on the heat. deposit shine enough to make it three in a role. john wall 20 point and brady beihl 0 or more and miami started to pull away late in fourth and ended up winning 112 to 101. wizards host the hornets tomorrow night. "monday night football" action for ravens fans up fortunately tom brady show as brady threw for three touchdowns and more that 400 yards helping new england to victory over baltimore. rave epz trail by three in fourth and chris hogan draemz free and hauls in a touchdown pass. patriots 11-2, rave epz 7-6 and out of playoff hunt. >> after two years
6:34 am
the u.s. supreme court declined to here a challenge to the settlement. 20,000 former players are covered and some with neurological disorder owe could end up with $5 million a piece. >> days of rookies dressing like women just as tat nats did to bryce harper. you cannot force rookies to check like olympic gym night and disney princeences anything of the sort part of new collective bargaining agreement. policy obtained says "the purpose of this policy is not to prohibit rookies but those that could cause physical anguish or harm or be offensive and distracting. superhero costumes are okay. you can dress them as favorite superheros as long as it doesn't hurt anybody, anything, or anybody aels feels but it's in
6:35 am
dress up however we choose. >> apparently later today. >> that's what i was thinking. >> you're a good sport about it. >> i can't wait. >> me either. >> okay. lit do the forecast. hey, we have cloud cover. cool tem you're out there 41 washington. lots of 30s outside the beltway. and dress accordingly. you're going to school today. make sure you got winter jacket on. and 26 pittsburgh and 19 in chicago and we're going to be crazy cold around here thursday and friday with di time highs above freezing and won't be just us. new england uppeder midwest. chicago forecast temperatures around zero thursday and friday. all right. cloud cover for us today. upper level disturbance west and little coastal low south. we'll team up to give us a clot of cloud cover and may see a few shores or snow showers across the area later today. anything we get will be light. we're not expecting any accumulations. no
6:36 am
just cloudy skies and few late-day showers. there you go. winds south east and east will be light five. couple days of extreme cold. >> thanks, tucker. >>. >> reporter: >> we talked about the roadsation situations what's the latest caitlin. >> touch and go accident scenes and some are being klird quickly and in fact behind me now sky fox over outer loop of beltway tom side here and these are heavy delays from 95 to north aavenue that we normally see report of accident of off ramp to george aavenue fire crews on the scene and traffic blocked and squeezing around on shoulder but we're fweting word that cleared. if that's has cleared cleared despite the fact you can exit ard comingly on georgia avenue off ramp you still have heavy delays and that's 5 to george aavenue. >>en sides outer loop let's get to the map and show you issues on this tuesday morning commute which any accidents come through caitlin roth "fo
6:37 am
will tweet them through you as you go about your money. there's that heavy delay on the scene of the outer loop otherwise if it has cleared you have regular volume delays. 295. we've been talking about southbound crash still out there pepping road and look at delays up to 410 maryland and following that northbound crash on 25 this is all within the district and that's east capitol street close to that bening road site. so you have coming in both dreks on 25 very heavy traffic and those delays on 25 stretch back to pennsylvania avenue. very, very heavy there. southern march mar not as heavy but local inpound names. and northbound on branch avenue moderately slow and off and on 210 delays as you approach the beltway. that's southern maryland. let's go to northern virginia. jammed through stafford and up for dale city and heavy again to occoquan. again a little break and then off and on volume all the i up
6:38 am
beltway 395 delays building etsell road to 14 street bridge. let's check 66 eastbound your jammed 234 to route 28 earlier accident by sutly road that cleared and all lanes are on and but the damage has been done and we have heavy delays at least approaching sutly road and then off and on delays there around centerville and looks like it loosens up though as you get to fairfax and then approach the beltway. all right, that's a look at traffic. more coming up in less than ten minute, steve. >> it's a scare for ivanka trump she has a starker and he's behind bars. >> first a holiday message from local service member overseas. >> hi this is sergeant edwards 332 headquarters comment the out of atlanta, georgia i want to wish my family back home in virginia a happy, merry christmas.
6:39 am
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>> it is 6:41 tuesday morning we're back now with what is trending on web this morning. first off it's down side of high profile
6:42 am
high profile a long time stalker of he advantage atrump arrested blocks from trump towers. secret service agents apprehended him. they got him at the hotel november 29. massler, who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia was staying at the hotel after fleeing mental health facility in nevada and arrested for awk stalking in 2010 and played getty for violating retraining order in 2012. >> a texas zoo is the up registry for orangutan couple they're expecting baby. the cameroon park zoo is suggesting several items and do jp topia and dolly parton cd. >> okay. and timely for all you pokemon go fans there's no pokey mop to catch. in their attempt to stay relevant games etch developer aups noed new pocket mop
6:43 am
creatures not revold but you can get them and catch them and hatch eggs from pokey stops. >> i added that about being relevant. there were issues. it it comes, it goes. it's a glad. it was hot for so long. >> we're bringing it back for the holidays. >> through go. >> let's check out local pokey stop. kevin mactammy back us with this morning right to from la to new york and getting ready for a busy interview in the big apple. >> serious email us at stronger is less pain, new hope, more fight. it's doing everything in your power, and everything in ours. because we don't just want kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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they will. make a gift today at
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>> 6:46 good morning everybody. it's a live look at the white house right now. oh, my goodness, still dark 6:46. >> looks like a movie. >> i heard they had the christmas party at the white house. >> the map around town. >> shout dwrout these guys charity event in bethesda matt sherzers cy young winner and kirk cousins and a whole bunch of other people. good friends of "fox5" frank smoot, ryan zimmerman list on and on and on the only reason i show this is to give shut out to local athletes and all they do in the community to give up monday night in the name of charity. >> i like c
6:47 am
skins cool beans. >> i got a photograph with somebody down at a gas station yesterday. >> you did. >> yeah maybe i'll show 7:15. >> who was it. >> a viewer. >> then we should share it. >> think we might have to steve. >> i'm impressed with picture i about the way. >> annual lights get search a bad name sometimes and it's great to show the positive. >> giving up their time they don't have to do that. >> driving an hour and a - to get this and do good. love it. >> fantastic. >> let's do the warm. gets what? we have cool temperatures and clouds today. maybe a shower this afternoon. >> okay. >> but today is not extreme cold we're featuring end of week it's a transitioning day. bus stop forecast temps 30s and 40s after school mid 40s notice earlier this morning and this afternoon can't see it yet it's still dark. clouds out there. we may encounter shower and i'll show you why later today. 41 washington and 46 leonard
6:48 am
ton and 28 and below freezing around 81. hagerstown, martinsburg winchester we're all in the low 0s. and here's cloud cover. upper level disturbance west bomb only line getting light snow showers wet and area of low pressure here along the coast and these two kind of team up to get close to our area. neither will really make direct move to mid atlantic. this kind of misses south and pushes north and just close enough in both cases we may fire up shower or two. best chance for that will be cross southern maryland and lower eastern shore and may be snow shower or two across northern tier of viewing area. what we can expect today. low pressure, upper level low out west. arctic express alive and well. round two. of course first one last week arrives late wednesday night and by thursday and friday you are really going to feel it around here. wind chills, wind gusting north
6:49 am
wind chills approaching zero by friday morning an actual air temperatures in record tear toyry places like dulles friday morning and single dij united state a' youbility and very, very cold. be prepared for that. make sure your pipes and all those things are in working order. and 45 today there's cold warm by thursday, friday. and it ipd as period of wintery mix changing to rain on day. saturday morning travel could be a little touch and go before we transition to rain. keep heads up saturday morning we may have local cancellations. >> all right. >> caitlin is back with roads. >> i feel like we need sound affect for arctic express. >> like a train. >> like a train chug ago long here it is get on board holiday spirit. >> hard to get in spirit of traffic this morning it maybe kiv difficult. this is -- 20 you have off and on delays and no lent
6:50 am
department reported and the spur re, very heavy from frederick to montgomery county and beltway itself. this say look at the 1 street bridge if we can fwet that banner up and ever hade stacked up delays also not any reports of any accident. but 395 jammed pentagon to 14 street bridge. heavy traffic there. an family what are we looking at here? looks to me smooth moving road on north -- westbound side yes this is 66 eastbound you can see on right-hand side of screen. jammed solid. earlier accident sutly road moved to shoulder and still very heavy i believe 4 all the way to sutly. 66 eastbound. let's get back to maps and show you other cop justed areas and all of you over tuesday morning commute topside of beltway very, very heavy jammed solid 95 to georgia avenue not moving there earlier crash site world cleared and that was off ramp georgia avenue exit and still despite the fact we
6:51 am
accident and then just normal congestion. pretty ugly right. there we'll zoom in closer. you also have delays on 95 southbound approaching beltway. and 295 has been pretty much nightmare this morning and southbound jammed solid from 410 to 11 street bridge earlier accident that cleared and then nobody you have delays pennsylvania avenue from earlier accident. let get closer to that there we go. that would be pennsylvania avenue. and all the way up to capitol street. and inner loop delays branch avenue to wilson bridge heavy there and no accident volume and you have additional delays 295 up to malcolm x heavy and start to loosen up on 295. republican unit northbound lays once you hit pennsylvania avenue. steve, allison. >> how about a sweet ride to work this morning xing you might be in for one if you ride metro. takes you through the capitol south station and national
6:52 am
confectors association, canned question makers, will be out tonight 8:00 this morning. >> confessioners association. >> a maryland congressman petitioned maryland dealt of transportation to dedicate east west highway bridge over georgetown branch trail to sergeant alejandro carbanaro. a sign bearing his name will be unveiled veiled and then installed on the bridge. we should stay senator elect van holland. >> tom for fox beat now. here we go i know you were waiting for this one and we'll be watching. >> we will. >> latest star of car pool karaoke and kevin has a sneak peek for us. >> kev, can't wait, good morning. >> steve, allison i have to say i've been gone from you guys since thank giving and every single day i've been gone 17 times i get a text message
6:53 am
are you coming home. i don't know is he doing okay. >> he does that middle of the day with us too? he's a little needy. >> i wanted to make sure he's doing okay. he's getting a bit upset you. >> have to live your life, it's fine. >> g. >> yeah. i am in new york city and been gone for hope moon and now in la for passengers interviewing jennifer lawrence and chris pratt and now back in new york for assassin's creed. you remember i went to spaip thor that incredible action shoot we were on the rooftop and that movery is opening up december 21 i'm sitting down with lead star today mr. michael bath bender and in new york i saw the film last night and i'll have more interviews coming up in a couple weeks ago well. but you mentioned bruno mars this is a big one. very excited about this car pool karaoke has been great over the past couple months i feel like they've gone downhill slightly and i'm very excited about the bruno mars ones. take a look at one airing tonight on
6:54 am
what's this. >> you mind if we listen to music. >> sure. >> let's see what we got. >> come on, move♪ what you trying to do♪ tell me what you're trying to do, 24 car at magic in the air♪ >> see i'm super excited about this i feel like all these car pool karaokes now are becoming big proposal owe material for whatever personal bum is coming out but i'm excited to see it. i know madonna one was big deal and my favorite is adele or mishle obama i'm looking for washed to tonight on the james corbin show. >> talk about moonlight right now before you leave. >> one of the greatest movies i've seen for years moonlight won award at african-american film critics association. this got six golden globe nominations yesterday. if you h
6:55 am
lights go out and see it. one of the most important films playing in theater rz now highly recommended phenomenal story worm seeing in theaters. moonlight, it's phenomenal. >> kev we'll see you in the next hour in the meantime thanks kev. >> i'll see you tomorrow morning, big hug, big hug. >> and coming up on good day today kev sits down with ferrell and his music in a movie and we have one of the bigger parts of that show pray whyatt with us. don't miss transformation tucker is going through on good day. he doesn't know what it is yet but we'll have fun at his sxepts it will get you in the holiday spirit no sglout i can turn from regular personality to something totally opposite. >> i can't wait. >> would we really be able to notice. >> he's very funny. >> he is. >> kev is coming back
6:56 am
tomorrow. >> yes. >> get sleep. >> i have not used up all my six days yet. >> just kidding come back. >> cool temperatures overnight lows 41 sit question and 40 now at 7 a.m. and 30s north and west and lot of clouds in the forecast today and i want to nreption a may be a shower or snow shower if are you well norman west later this afternoon. anything we get will be very, very light more explanation of what's occurring coming up. i want to mention that cold again, thursday, friday looks cold around here. with wind chills near zero friday morning and caitlin is here this morning and has more on busy roads. >> good morning, yes, you know, no showers out there this morning but we've got major issues lots of accidents to report tuesday morning commute as a whole topside of beltway to george aavenue earlier crash georgia avenue offer ramp cleared 95 southbound and northbound heavy from earlier crashes that cleared. however, 295 southbound jammed from 410 to 11 stree
6:57 am
and northbound delays further to the south wilson brim and inner loop on 5 up to malcolm a avenue before. to the bridge. >> we'll be back with more at 7 a.m.
6:58 am
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>> it it is 6:59 now and donald trump making announcement just a short time ago. officially nominating exxon mobile ceo rex tillerson for secretary of state. this comes after fwroing calls for investigation into russia possible with u.s. election. >> plus we'll have the latest own yesterday's metro malfunction. two train cars separated while people on board which could become a dangerous situation. so, what went wrong? we'll have details ahead. and a live look outside it's tuesday morning straight up 7:00. live look at the white house. weather and traffic coming up for you at 7:05. good morning to you i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> rex tillerson officially nominated for setting


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